The Impact

What links all these things?

- the thousands of impact craters of the North American Carolina Bays
- the stars Mintaka, Alnilam und Alnitak of Orion's Belt
- Plato's dialogues of Timaeus und Critias
- the Great Sphinx as well as the Pyramids of Giza
- the Meteor Shower of the Cepheids
- the beginning of the Holocene with its mass extinction


The apocalyptic impact of a comet
into the Zaragoza Sea of the Atlantic
Ocean 11,400 years ago!

The Comet-Impact 11,400 Years ago

Dr. Paul-J. Hahn


The following study describes the astronomical processes of the comet impact into the Zaragoza Sea 11,400 years ago, which led to the Atlantis catastrophe. The dating coincides with the lore of Plato's Dialogues, the ancient Egyptian monuments of Giza - the Great Sphinx and the pyramids in their correlation to the belt stars of star constellation Orion - as well as astronomical evaluations of the so-called Carolina Bays, according to which the still existing meteor shower of the Cepheids represents the remaining remnants in the orbit of the comet that impacted at the time. The reconstruction using astro-programme Guide 9.0 leads to the date of impact as 12 March 9,337 BC (Greg.), 10:19 true local time in South Carolina, respectively 09:27 Bahamas time.